Erik Spliet says:

Tenzing Travel.

Concept / Development / Branding

KUONI is an international tour operator with subsidiaries in many countries worldwide. The management of the Dutch operating company has bought the company and is successfully implementing a new business strategy. A new brand name was developed together with BR-ND, specialists in emotive branding.

To communicate the transition and to position this ne brand into the very competitive market, we created 7 shorts. Commercials for internet and broadcast on tv.
Project Details

Tenzing Travel: online and broadcast


Tenzing Travel is a new company brand, in as the division become independent from KUONI.
To communicate the transition and position the brand into the market, we created 7 shorts for online communication and for tv broadcast.

To create a unique feeling of the company, while not having the possibility to shoot our own material. We choose to work with their own personnel, as they represent the core of the company. Spending hours in the image libraries for representational footage of the journeys and experiences Tenzing Travel offers.
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