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Guess the picture.

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The game

Have you always been a topography-hero? Have you seen a lot of the world? Or do you have a huge bucketlist? If the anwser is yes, then this is your game. Guess the picture is an addictive game where you have to guess at which location the picture was taken. 


You can join us on: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Everyday we post a new photo. The more locations you guess right, the more points you can get. All answers that are coming in before 0.00 CEST, of the day of the posting are included in the results. Of course we like to hear your story, connected to the photo or location the most original or moving memories give you extra points. The better the story the bigger the change.


You can win awesome prizes like; films, candy’s, concert tickets, or even original souveniers of our productions. After every month, a winner is announced. So join our competition and send us your memories.
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