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Founders Brechtje Smidt and Milan Collin are the key individuals on the team, each possessing up to ten years of experience in marketing, production, directing and filming abroad. Freelancers and interns, depending on the number and size of the projects, support the core team.

who is who?

Hello people!

Brechtje ensures the original creative drive and safeguards the quality of our productions. She is responsible for inspiring content by directing many of our productions.
Brechtje Smidt

Dream big! Think positive.

Milan ensures all technical and production requirements for our documentaries. He surveys the innovations in the field to improve our series. Through his positive drive he inspires our clients and motivates our team.
Milan Collin
Founder / Executive Producer

Can't wait to connect with you !

Always rambling about her awkward stories, Imane is a Belgian young graduate passionate about finding the perfect match between sustainability and creativity, fueled by challenges and ideas from around the world.
Imane Saksou
Assistant Producer

Let's open some windows !

Telling powerful stories with pictures, Anthony is a French VR artist always walking around with his camera, ready to bring up brand new perspectives on our own surroundings anytime. Just tell him about your crazy ideas and he might dive in with you !
Anthony Le Roch
VR Artist

Stay curious !

Adriana is a Spanish girl who you can usually find looking for the correct light to make the perfect shot. Smiling and cycling, she scrutinizes the entire city with a camera in her hand, hoping that the clouds let the sun rise.
Adriana Fernandez
Videographer / Photographer

Have courage, and drink some water.

Eamon is a rural Canadian boy who was raised on a strong diet of maple syrup, frequently using apologies as greetings. He is now a competitive boxer, a writer, and a developing visual artist with aspirations of working as a Director of Photography/Cinematographer.
Eamon Hillis


Cecil gives us everyday our WHY. There are so many stories to tell!
Mental Coach

Our bravest people

Without our team we would be nothing. Together we create MAGIC, ENERGY and USEFULL TOOLS for communication. Sometimes we have a team of ten and sometimes a few hundred on our productions.
Freelancers and Volunteers
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