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Social video: Bioregional Weaving Labs

Social promotional video

Client: Commonland, Ashoka Netherlands, Presencing Institute
Date: November 1, 2022
Services: Research - Scripting - Filming - Editing - Motion


An international community of people passionate to mobilise 1 million Changemakers to restore, protect, and regenerate 1 million ha of Europe’s land and sea by 2030 🌱🌍

This collective needed a promotional video to explain what they are all about. The common mission to create a positive impact on climate and biodiversity. Many of the people involved are already working in the field to make their positive impact.
What is unique in this is that three organisations, with different projects and theoretical frame works have decided to join forces. By sharing experiences in the field that face their local difficulties and inspiring insights these organisations can multiply their impact and their workforce.

Client: Commonland, Ashoka Netherlands, Presencing Institute

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Bioregional Weaving Labs

The difficulty in this project was the selective channeling. What to tell in a short social video, that is inspiring and activating at the same time. The clients wanted a combination of an event video, a promotional video, and plunging a lot of information to the viewer. We had assisted in the creation of the script, we did the production in the field, and realised the post production.

Finding ourselves on a fragile balance of the use of found archive footage, footage from the organisations and from the event. Coaching our client to make the message as pure and straight forward as possible, not wanting to tell too much. There is much to tell about the theories applied, the results of a projects, or the many successes been made. But that the power lies in the simple message. And making different videos for different target groups, or different messages. With more financial means in the future we can make the other videos for this great initiative.

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