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media productions that inspire and motivate

In our stories we communicate the beautiful things in life to effect positive change in the daily lives of many. DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY is an award winning, internationally orientated media production company based in Amsterdam.

Our broad experience in communication gives us the optimum ability to transcribe each creative idea, in a versatile manner, to a visual concept. With a large international network of professionals and strong feeling for quality and style we help to bring your message across to an international audience for all platforms. While we create inspiring content we keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.
Concepts, % 70
Production, % 90
Development, % 75
Sustainability, % 85


Share your misson and we highlight your unique story.


Together we design and create the attention you are looking for.


Choose the right angle, with specialists, professionals and the knowledge.


Launch your story and inspire others.



Together on a journey, to create your unique story.


Communicating your product is more then bridging a gap between sender and receiver. It's about creating an intrinsic emotion and design a sustainable connection with your clients or audience.


The stories we create in a shared vision with our partners are innovative and qualitative communication content, about inspiring people around the world. With the goal to inspire and motivate millions around the world to look for the beautiful things in life.

Creative content

The unique mix of sound, the particular perspective and compelling image we create a new point of view. The magic can appear in things that may have surrounded you for a long time, but you took for granted. Of people close by or by learning from colourful people far away.


We have a heart for the unknown, and we feel the world is our playground. In close collaboration with international professionals in the field we are specialised in documenting adventureous expeditions or everything that is needed to make the concept to a success.


As an entrepreneur you see certain opportunities. The goal can be small or big. But it is important to believe in the goal, and take certain risks. From entrepreneurship to adventurer it is a small step. Our stories about people seeking the unknown path, may fit the story of your company. Connect your story with an adventure(r).

Sustainable production advice

We developed specific tools to minimise our impact while producing films. By implementing these methods, we help in realising the CSR and environment goals of your company. We also give short courses on how to implement green production values and share these with your team. Together we create a better world.

People say:

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Our Team.

With the input from all our specialists we create our extraordinary world.

Hello people!

Brechtje ensures the original creative drive and safeguards the quality of our productions. She is responsible for inspiring content by directing many of our productions.
Brechtje Smidt

Dream big! Think positive.

Milan ensures all technical and production requirements for our documentaries. He surveys the innovations in the field to improve our series. Through his positive drive he inspires our clients and motivates our team.
Milan Collin

Life Saver

Nirina is studying management and sustainable development. She enjoys discovering people from different cultures and exploring the world; she finds her inspiration in the simplest things in life.
Nirina Simon
Production Assistant


Cecil gives us everyday our WHY. There are so many stories to tell!
Mental Coach

Our bravest people

Without our team we would be nothing. Together we create MAGIC, ENERGY and USEFULL TOOLS for communication. Sometimes we have a team of ten and sometimes a few hundred on our productions.
Freelancers and Volunteers

Hello people!

Jordi is studying photography and video making. He enjoys simple things in life like hanging around and going into the wild. Reading books, watching films and listening to music is how he spends his free time. `Think less, feel more`
Jordi Moreno
Video Editing Intern

Hello people!

Sergio is an Audiovisual Production student. He sees life as the best art and he is always trying to give the best of himself. For him, each obstacle is a new opportunity to improve. ``Just be limitless``
Sergio Munoz
Video Editing Intern
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We are hiring.

We look for...YOU.

We’re looking for smart, team-oriented people who can get things done.
We’ll want to know how you’ve flexed different muscles in different situations in order to mobilize a team.

We want to get a feel for what makes you, well, you. We also want to make sure this is a place you’ll thrive, so we’ll be looking for signs around your comfort with ambiguity, your bias to action and your collaborative nature.
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