4 peaks 4 weeks

Development / Production

4 parts tv series: 40 minutes each
VR Experiences: 16 x 5 minutes

Beyond our limitations

Imagine the hardship of climbing a mountain like Mt Everest. Can you imagine to climb four mountains of more then 8.000 mtrs in 4 weeks? That is what this project is about.
To record this ultimate challenge, the successful climb of four mountains above the 8.000 meters in only four weeks. Where traditional climbs are 7 weeks for only one summit, adventurer Noel Hanna is testing the limits of what the human body is capable of. We make our viewer part of this adventure, as we record it in 360 (Virtual Reality). This is the first project that clearly articulates how vast the potential of VR storytelling is.

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Project USP’s

First VR experience in high mountain altitude
Compelling story on the highest places on earth
Experience a true high mountain expedition
Worlds first 4 peaks in 4 weeks
Worlds first married couple summiting Everest from both sides.

In May 2016, adventurer Noel will set off on an ambitious adventure to do the impossible – and you can go with him!

Hundreds have died trying , fully aware of the risks. No-one has dared to ascend as many as four summits in as little time as four weeks. Until now…

The four peaks that Noel will summit include:
MOUNT EVERES T – 8848 M (highest in the world) – border between Tibet and Nepal, it is known as Chomolungma, “Mother Goddess of the Universe”,
Everest will be the second summit on the route.
LHOTSE – 8516 M (4th highest in the world) – this peak is connected to Everest via the South Col and will be summited third.
CHO OYU – 8201 M (6th highest in the world) – known as “The Turquoise Goddess”, this peak will first on the route.
MANASLU – 8154 M (8th highest in the world) – the name means “Mountain of the Spirit”, Manaslu will be the final peak on the route.
Noel’s journey is going to be intense… and his story will be nothing short of EPIC!



Connecting the impressing story of pioneer and leadership of Noel Hanna to companies.

Creative content

Setting out the story and the selecting the most innovative tools to tell this unique story.


Setting out the strategy for involving partners and broadcasters