Design / Development / Branding

Online campaign: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Online distribution: Started in September 2015

As DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY we believe in the power of positive message. If you want to make a change in who you are, or the world around us, there lies the key. It is the way to communicate that make the difference.

This campaign is created to make the new name and branding of DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY familiar to our core audience and clients. After ten years it is time for a new visual style, of our own company and we decided to do a re-branding. The films are in the new company style, and accompanied with a online campaign communicating the key elements that DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY stands for.

At the same time we are always looking for innovative and sustainable ways to produce our productions. We thought how to make more use of the immense footage library, we have after 10 years of beautiful productions on the exclusive places in the world. So we developed INSPIRE.

Through online distribution we want our audience to get out of their normal routine. Once a week we publish INSPIRE a short film, around 30 seconds. Produced very sustainable, as it is all recycled film footage. With 52 unique films spread over a year! INSPIRE motivates you to be the change you want to see in the world. We think you can never have enough inspiration. The films are made from own archive footage and are based on a quote, or someone who inspired us. We want to connect as many people as possible to share positive inspiration. This is good for the group feeling and associated energy for… everyone!