7 Summits

In development

Date: 2021

A pioneering documentary series about the highest summits on earth and their human connection

What is it that inspires these people to climb the highest peak on each continent? What is it that drives them to bear such risk and venture to the furthest corners of the earth? And most importantly, how are these mountains shaping the people surrounding them?

‘7 Summits’ attempts to capture the highest peak on each continent from the perspective of the local communities who make their home in the shadow of these giants. It aims for a profoundly humanistic journey around the globe, observing the unique challenges and opportunities that each region faces, including the cultures, foods, and traditions that continue and have long defined them. In addition, the series also follows a world-record climbing attempt by a team of internationally recognized mountaineers, providing an exclusive look into the world of high-altitude mountaineering.

As the increasing infiltration of western travelers and mountaineers continues to redefine these peaks, our collective understanding of these regions becomes increasingly misguided. Consequently, ‘7 Summits’ focuses on the local way of life and the rich cultural history and presents a grounded, observational perspective of the peaks. We will examine how these parts of the world have changed in recent years; either due to exploitative human activity, climate change; or more positively, the ongoing protection efforts and increases in global economic prosperity.