Seaweed in a healthy farmhouse

Seaweed in a healthy farmhouse

For this project we are the audio visual partner. We follow this ground breaking innovation in live stock farming. Cows in Dutch dairy farming produce sustainable and high-quality milk. Dairy farmers continue to innovate to contribute to climate objectives. The project Seaweed in healthy dairy farming investigates the practical applicability of Northwestern European seaweed in dairy farming. Seaweed additives in the dairy cattle ration are expected to have an effect on methane formation during digestion of food in a cow’s gastrointestinal tract.

We film the project in different phasing, from lab testing to actual feeding seaweed to cows. Based on the results of the laboratory research, three algae are selected for a feed test with dairy cows. The project contributes to the future-proofing of two agri-sectors: dairy farming and the seaweed sector. One is closely related to Dutch traditions, the other has the potential to become the Dutch sector of the future. Linking these sectors has a lot of potential to create positive synergy for the economy, climate and agriculture.

Although the project is taking place visually it is a challenge to bring across the goal of the project. The project is a collaboration between the largest Farmers Union, LTO Noord, and sustainable innovator BlueO2, and many commercial interested partners.

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