Achmea International

Concept / Development / Production


DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY was asked to develop a proposition to enhance the internal communication between Achmea International companies in the different countries through video and social media.

Achmea International is active in 9 countries; with all their own brands and visual designs. But a common Achmea feeling wasn’t there. DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY was asked to set up a content strategy to enhance the common feeling and interaction between staff members of Achmea International. To make a change in the situation we need to know what the current situation is.

Open work society

Our content strategy aimed to create a work climate in which people feel save to share their personal point of view, to share things that see as constraints, feel open to pin point current obstacles in their work.

Fun factor

We believe that to become involved there needs to be a fun factor. The Achmea staffs needs to get something out of this to make this to a success.

The goal of Achmea International is to:
– enhance the connection between the staff of different Achmea International companies
– get an understanding of what people at Achmea International are working on
– create a common feeling of belonging to Achmea International
– emphasise the human aspect of the work. Where is the added value
– create collaboration between companies