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Where to start? What is a sustainable film?

As climbers in 20th century we wanted to reach the highest peaks and win the competition. But as Mallory stated in 1911; “Have we vanquished an enemy?” [i.e. the mountain], “None but ourselves.”

One thing was sure that we didn’t want to change the script/ topic due to the focus on sustainability. We choose to focus on the high impact aspects in our film making process: transport, accommodation, crew, catering and lighting. In collaboration with experts and partners we experimented with new led lightning and worked with many local crew members. We were granted permission to shoot the first film in the Triglav National park, due to the sustainable character of the film. All crew participated voluntary, but were compensated with a good spirit, and a lot of fun.

Although we didn’t win the competition, (the jury made a mistake) the film was highly successful all around the world.

Our vision on sustainability is that it is impossible to do it all, at once. Therefore it is important to share with your team, and associates the vision on sustainability and to set out goals. Once in a while you come back together to evaluate and set higher goals. It is a transition, we see it as a adventure….be open for the unexpected as it might give you the little diamonds you have been looking for.

Balance gave us the optimum possibility to experiment, with new production materials and methods. With some surprising, and some not surprising outcomes. We share these experiences through short workshops that we have been giving since, in The Netherlands and abroad on film festivals.

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Selected for the Oscars.

In 2012 a green film competition had never been held, nor had anyone ever made a green Dutch film. We were asked to participate and bring in our experience from Going South and passion for filmmaking as sustainability this unique project. That is what makes Balance a pioneer in the field.

Selected film festivals

Go Short

BOFF-Bovec Outdoor Film Festival Slovenia

Dutch Mountains Film Festival

Lanzarote Film Festival 2013

Athens Int’l Film Festival

BCN Sports Film Festival

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Nederlands Filmprogramma – Orange Week

One Country One Film

Sestriere Film Festival

Swiss Mountain Festival

Vukovar Film Festival

Miskolc international Film Festival – Cinefest

Calgary International Film Festival

Boulder Adventure Film Festival

Hamptons International Film Festival

Bergfilm Festival Tegernsee

Why Not? Adventure Film Festival 2013

Starz Denver Film Festival

Exground Film Festivals

Istanbul International Short Film Festival

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF)

Sport Movies & Tv 2013 – 31st Milano International FICTS Fest

Autrans Mountain Film Festival

Dutch Program – Hezarfen Film gallery

Kaleidoscope Aachen

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Trento Film festival

Nashville Film festival

Rooftop Film Festival New York

IFS Independent Filmmakers Showcase

Bergsichten-Festival Dresden 2015


Official submission of the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film – Oscar® 2013

Mario Bello Prize, 2014

BCN Sports Film Festival, Best Film


Friends Henderson and Morris are climbing a mountain. They are joined together by a rope. They are taking a difficult passage, when Henderson’s inattentiveness leads to him falling. Morris reacts by jumping off the other side of the ledge, creating a counter-balance. Henderson ends up dangling twenty metres below. The rope is shifting and the wind is rising. Henderson knows that he will remain hanging as long as Morris remains hanging there…
Based on a story by Joost Heyink.

Biography of the director

Mark Ram was born in Groningen on 10 September 1972. He has started his TV career as a young actor in the 90s with the quality dutch serie ‘De Partizanen’. Which received two Golden Calf’s, the golden Chest Award and the Grand Prix Award. In 2000 he joined the Dutch National Theatre.
The movie Balance is his debut as a director. The movie is produced as ‘green’ as possible, taking in consideration the environment as much as possible.



Sustainability is the core of our company; it is what defines us. This is not only reflected in our productions but also in our way of producing films.

We use our own ‘green policy’ to achieve our sustainable vision.


We created an inspiring production (international) team were all participants worked towards the same goal, best film with minimum impact.


We have been selected for many international festivals. Won several awards and the film has been bought by different international broadcasters.