Client: Blue O2

How to market Climate Solutions?

New in the market Blue O2 needed to visualize what their offer for sale is. Which is often not an easy task as climate problems tend to be complex and very large. Never afraid for creative challenges we worked on a concept splitting the two climate challenges. Explaining what and where, and Blue O2 solution. We developed and visualised their pitch for a better, greener and more social world. Have a look at the result.

For our client, it was important that we matched the right tone of voice. Not problem focussed but solution centred. The global approach and interconnectivity were essential. Yet we were limited in time. We realised visual with a clear goal. Clients often have no understanding of the visual language and the need to talk with images. We see it as a complete composition in which text, visuals, music, and rhythm are all put on their perfect spot. The combination makes the film complete.



We see communication as not only a way of sending out your message, but also as an interaction you want to create with your clients. Our concepts are ways to engage the audience. An open invitation to go on a journey together and have FUN. We believe in the power of positive communication, the power of opportunities.


We explore the power of telling stories in new and exciting ways. We like to explore the untraditional, implementing new innovative techniques and disruptive yet interactive storytelling make our creative productions attractive. We create in collaboration with our clients a set of concepts. With the art-direction and communication specialists, we define the right tone of voice and visual style for the films.


combining all elements part of the pitch, from voice over, animations, text overlays, shots. All need to be n perfectional harmony to bring across the message.