Coaching Center

Client: Expertisecentrum Stenekes

As a coaching centre, you have certain values and typical tone of voice that you want to be reflected in your external communication. Jan and Lisanne, owners of the centre, with 7 people, wanted to have a short film that captures the spirit of the path that they have chosen.

The short film is made to give potential new clients and partners at the municipality an idea of woh they are and how they work. The film is made in 4k, but downscaled as the main use is internet/ website. As their website is the main channel of external communication.

For Jan en Lisanne, owners of a small centre for coaching of young adults in Friesland, we made a short introduction film about their WHY. With the well-organised preparations, we captured in one day, WHO they are and HOW they work. We succeeded in visualising their aim, to bring people back in balance, into their natural and positive flow with energy and self-confidence.

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We see communication as not only a way of sending out your message, but also as an interaction you want to create with your clients. Our concepts are ways to engage the audience. An open invitation to go on a journey together and have FUN. We believe in the power of positive communication, the power of opportunities.


For this film it was important to create positive vibes, as coaching is often affiliated with negative emotions. We wanted to take away the taboo and make it positive. So we took the reference as a workout for the mind.