Fox Verre reizen TV Commercial

Design / Production

Client: Fox Travel ANWB

Fox Travel asked us to produce their South Africa commercial. Using our network over there we could deliver a beautiful and strong commercial that covered their needs.

In the campaign of Ask the travel guide a series of three TV commercials were developed. As DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY we were asked to design and produced the one in South Africa.

For our client had to prepare this high-end production, with low-cost means. We had to look for cast and crew, search and book location. And pray for some wildlife during the safari. A great teambuilding session with our oversees production team in South Africa. Magnificient images and african vibes.

Ambitious as ever

Thanks to our creative like-minded professionals all the world we pulled of some great work, for our client. They needed some art direction, local crew and actors and photograph of the shoot. All was provided with great results. The photographs of travel guide Vincent was used in the Ask the guide campaign.

Check the result


Art Direction

We managed and overviewed the Art direction and casting of local actors.


We managed the professional local crew before and during the production. From producer, to photographer and DOP.