Mister Miles

Client: Mister Miles

Great Boots Great Stories

By combining our talents of photography and filming, we give our clients a unique chance to get the maximum exposure out of the ‘off the road’ event of the year. We deliver high-quality photography and media production on site.


For our client we created a strong, story built campaign.

3 video’s video marketing. Photographical content, print and online. Interaction through Facebook campaign for client. Traffic to on clients Facebook channel.

With a well defined target group we are able to create spectacular branded video content.

The race has a strong international and local fan base. We describe the target group as male, 25-65 years old. With interests lying in: motorbikes, cars, trucks, engineering, innovation and racing.

During the dusty off the road competition, 16 days of hardship and companionship – there are enough possibilities for engaging storytelling to get the attention of the target group.



Your brand is the promise to your customer. In combining storytelling with your product or service

it differentiates the offering from your competitors'. That is exactly what we did for Allshoes when they re -launched the brand Mr MIles.


We created in collaboration with our client a set of concepts. With the art-direction and communication specialists, we set out a tone of voice and style for the films.


Filming during the most dangerous rally of the world is happening, that our team is made for. Working 20 hours a day, driving off the track and overcoming, setbacks created unexpected and beautiful film moments. With great results in post production.