Going South

TV series: different versions, Dutch, UK, French

Going South: Cycling through the Americas

An adventurous environmental cycling documentary.

As the climate changes, an environmental crisis is proclaimed. Four adventurous people from Sweden, Spain and the UK take on the challenge of a lifetime. The Going South teams cycle a distance of 16,765 miles and visit 17 countries.
Going South is currently sold to more then 70 countries world-wide.

From seeing ‘an inconvenient truth’, the negative feeling became master of our minds. this negativism made us immobile and not moving towards a better, greener future. We thought to make a change, people need to see the good things, better examples of a more sustainable lifestyle. From that idea Going South was developed. A green roadmovie on a bike to discover the beauty in the America’s and to get inspired by people.

The Story

As the climate is changing, an environmental crisis is proclaimed. Four adventurous people from Sweden, Spain and the UK take on the challenge of a lifetime. In 13 episodes we travel through the American continents, covering 16,765 miles and 17 countries in search of solutions to combat climate change.

From the most Northern point of Alaska ‘Prudhoe Bay’ to the most Southern point of Argentina ‘Ushuaia’ we encounter the effects of climate change. We look for innovations that contribute to the situation where humankind lives in equilibrium with the natural environment by following the motto of: People, Planet and Profit.

We visit solutions from individuals, multinationals and NGO’ s. Initiatives that already contribute to this new way of living.

“I look forward to this exciting and wonderful journey. I want to show the appalling environmental issues, but also the social problems in the many regions that we will pass through. I am convinced that this project will make it possible to show all the small, and mostly anonymous, environmental projects that are contributing to a better world. They deserve to be heard.”

– One of our cyclists

Along our journey we meet inspiring people, explore innovative projects and travel through incredible landscapes. Each region has its own uniqueness and distinctive marks. From isolated areas as deserts or tropical rain forests, to fizzing cities and agricultural industries. The contrasting landscapes bring us into close contact with the different inhabitants, humans and animals on earth. We search for innovations in six themes: land use, food chain, waste, energy, redesign, and mobility.
What solutions are already out there?

Cinematic Style
The style of the series is documentary and fresh. Going South consists of two story lines with its own cinematic approach, creatively entwined; the cyclists and the solutions. Going South is a unique blend of curiosity, humour and exploration of solutions for climate change. The project is built on the core values of passion, positivity and innovation.



Through an online competition we selected four adventurers to meet the challenge and go cycling. From 100 submissions these four people were selected.


Sustainability is the core of our company; it is what defines us. This is not only reflected in this production, but also in our way of producing the series. We developed our own ‘green policy’ to achieve our sustainable vision.

Creative content

As we produced our own format we where totally free in searching for the must inspirational topics. Through a great collaboration with our cyclist, the series was a great success.


Connecting the dots. By collaborating with bigger and smaller shareholders we were able to put this project together. While our partners benefited from the international airtime, by sponsoring our project. A true win-win situation.