Motown Movement


Sustainable Transformation

Making sustainable housing accessible for everyone

Once proud homes in once gleaming cities like Detroit crumble in lonely lots in abandoned neighborhoods, drowning in smog and the reality of climate change. The people living in this area, are hurt stricken by bad luck, poverty and often jobless. They feel they have been forgotten by the rest of the world. Three young Dutch men, make them feel good again. As they have the ambitious plan to transform these buildings. Into beautiful homes as models for future communities – affordable and sustainable homes designed to save our planet.

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time.”

Persuaded to bring the glory times back in Detroit, also for the people that sometimes seem to be forgotten, three young Dutch students take action in their own hands. This series is about the (com)passion, power, and innovative solutions, of the wish to make a difference.

Great leaps and advances have been made in recent years in developing sustainable homes and technologies to combat climate change. Students at the Technical University of Delft (TUDelft) are stepping onto the scene to combine sustainable living and social action with The Motown Movement.

The Motown Movement

The Motown Movement creates affordable and sustainable homes in reach of the average family. The project brings researchers, educators, and communities together to develop low-budget and do-it-yourself technologies and methods to build a sustainable home.

Having suffered several economic setbacks, Detroit has become infamous as a depressed city haunted by derelict buildings and riddled by crime. Yet, the city has been making a comeback via grassroots initiatives seeking to develop abandoned neighborhoods and revive the community. The Motown Movement is riding the momentum of Detroit’s can-do revival and will rehabilitate a duplex into a sustainable and self-sufficient home.

In this series people join forces to create their dream, a safe and sustainable house. People with many different backgrounds, social class, and education share the belief that they are able to build this house. During 8 months we follow the hardship, conflicts, setbacks but also the successes, the calming words and comforting arms. Pure joy is shared by everyone when dream is realised.

Due for completion in July 2017, by realising this sustainable home we teach and the support of low-budget and sustainable housing technologies that will not only save our planet, but revive communities and project them into the future.

DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY is producing an inspiring, emotional and fun documentary series that will follow the construction of the home and the students at the heart of the project. By sharing their methods they make sustainable technologies accessible. It reverberates with our own mission to tell stories that aim to create, innovate, and motivate change for a better world.



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