Paddling Home

Development / Production

Client: Dutch and International distribution
Date: December 2015
Budget: 60.000 Euro

One man, one kayak and a destination.
4000 kilometers on sea from the North Cape to The Hague.

Challenge yourself! That’s what Martijn must have thought, when he came up with the idea to kayak from North Cape to The Hague. An true adventure on the open ocean. Fighting the rough sea,the hostile and harsh weather conditions. Only to SURVIVE! The winds have no mercy at open sea. The currents play with you however they feel like it and can be deadly at the cliffy coast line. Martijn Blikman goes into battle with the sea, but especially with himself. Isolated from the outside world, facing the elements and loneliness.
Will he make it happen and succeeding in breaking the Guinness World Record by kayaking some 4, 000 kilometers?

An unique expedition, as Martijn in all alone, without a team following him. He will need five months for this extreme World record Kayak trip! A sea kayak is a very thin boat with which you can move fast through the water. The downside of this boat is that it is impossible to bring a lot of gear as there is no space to put stuff. Martijn will have to live for five months with only basics as tent, sleeping bag, airbed, cooking and fishing gear, clothes, food and water.
Crossing the Barentsz Sea, The Norwegian Sea and the North Sea. The expedition started half of May 2015.

The man behind the plan is Martijn Blikman. A 36years old special force police officer that feels best when he is in nature. Especially when he is on the water. Martijn is extreme sportive and doesn’t know how to give up! When he says he is doing something then it will happen! Traveling and exploring is in his blood. In 2014 he drove his motorbike along the coast of Norway and told himself to come back and do the same distance by human power. This is that moment that I am and I will.


We see Martijn in his last stages of packing the car together with his dad. The Kayak is strapped to the roof and then he is saying goodbye to his morn. His father will join him on the three days travel to Norway where he will arrive at a small village with the beautiful name of Skarsv.Ag. Here Martijn is leaving his dad for the corning 150-days and paddles away into the distance. His dad is looking sad and a little bit confused, he himself has never been outside of Holland! The cameraman will stay with the dad and drives together back to Holland. In the beginning Martijns trip will be very difficult and dangerous as he has to bend around the Cape. A lot of different currents are pushing him to both sides and he has to steer his boat safely along the cliffs. The water is extremely cold at this part of the year so he cannot allow himself to turn over with the kayak. That could be the end of the expedition and even the end of Martijns live as help will be far away. Martijn will be paddling for 150 days before he is reaching the coast of Holland. He will paddle along the most breath taking coast line and sleeps on the shore every night where he will build a fire and sets up his
tents to spent the night. We will see Martijn paddling through groups of Humpback Whales, through misty and sunny skies, catching his own fish and finding his way through this amazing sea landscape. We will visit Martijn a few times during his expedition to see how his trip goes and what all the remarkable situations are that he went through. We
bring a drone to film him from above and we hope to get a close encounter of him paddling through a group of Orcas.



Gearing Martijn with the specific materials, that stand the harsh conditions of his expeditions.

Creative Content

Training Martijn in filming in a attractive, television worthy style. With the result in 30 hours of unique film material.