Eye to Eye with Everest

Client: Red Bull - DLA - OutdoorTV

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German mountaineer Thomas Weber, wishing to climb Everest in spite of his visual handicap, asked two cameramen to film this expedition. For them this is a dream come true. In the first weeks they are confronted with their own physical limitations. Surrounded by people who are prepared to die for their dream, giving up is not an option. During the expedition friendships are built. They are confronted with accidents and death. In the isolated environment the cameramen turn the camera on each other. This film is a personal story of the harsh and extreme conditions high up on the mountain.

Executive Producers: Milan Collin, Kevin Augello, Harry Kikstra

Eye to Eye with Everest travelled to many film festivals around the world and received Awards in several places.

Swiss Mountain Film Festival – the best film
Grazz Mountain Film Festival – nomination for best camera & best film



First steps into production. From drawing table till script till signature!


from pre-production - organizing all partners, equipment, clothing etc. to filming 3-months on the mountain it self. After coming home post production and selling the film to broadcasters.

Film Festivals

Selecting all possible festivals for the film and entering the selection procedure! Once exepted doing all the press kit, paperwork and handling of the film.

Eye to Eye with Everest