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The Good Family

Today’s world is complex. It is not only important to learn how the world works, but also how you can influence positively. learn not only think but also learn to do. It takes a strong belief in your own abilities. And you as a child eminently discover home, not just at school.

With The Good Family are you going to experiment with your child at home and explore things. How we eat healthy? Where does our food come from? Why are we wasting energy? How can we be greener on holiday? Is complicated and takes a lot of time? No definitely not! For this adventure starts at the kitchen table and The Good Family helps you step by step. We make sure that you and your child will do something during routines that you already have, such as shopping, cooking, eating and spending your free afternoon with the kids. We will help you not only to make sense of these routines, but also to make them more fun!

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For the Good Family we developed a film that explains what their business proposition is to commercial businesses. The Good Family is a Dutch NGO that propose busy family tips and tricks to have a positive impact on your personal wellbeing and the planet we live in.

They offer businesses to get to know their critical audience better. In a collaborative approach they make the products better, more sustainable. Ideally in the end the product is co-created and promoted by peers of the targeted audience.

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