Heroes of Antarctica

Heroic Age of Antarctica Exploration (late 19th-early 20th) is marked by famous expedition and leaders; characterized by great triumphs and tragedies stand out as exciting example of heroic endurance against incredible hardship. During this period, 17 major European and American expeditions took place following on from European conquests of this time. Antarctica represented a way to prove nations’ power by land and scientific exploration.

Explorers of this era were more than scientists and sailors, but also remembered as poets, photographs, artists and most of all dreamers. Each expedition was a feat of endurance and limits testing, these explorers made it before big advances in transport and communication technologies that had revolutionized the work of exploration. Making them more that simple scientists or sailors but real heroes of their nations.Shackleton8_Hurley.jpg.CROP.original-original

These explorers were seen as true adventurers; leaving their homeland on a ship for years to accomplish one mission. Facing isolation, wait, extreme cold in Antarctica without forgetting that it was more than 100 years ago and means were not the same. Then, these sailors had to explore their imagination and creativity in writings and photography making them even more inspiring figures.

And for everyone thinking that time of exploration is over, is mistaking. In January 2018, Wilco van Rooijen and Edwin ter Velde hope to reach the South Pole. The Clean2Antarctica’s expedition; Taking the challenge to realize the cleanest expedition ever; they will cross Antarctica on board of a self-designed and partly made out of waste plastic vehicle powered by solar energy!

The way in which it will be done matter, once again, as much as what will be done and why.

Are they the heroes of the 21st Century for Antarctica exploration’s history? This time, this is not for their nation that they will live this adventure but for the world and for next generations! They will carry with them a message for the planet: prove that clean energy and zero waste are possible. Like explorers of the previous century, they will make an expedition with technologies that are not totally established yet: they will have to show endurance and mental strength to realize this journey. Mixing up technique´s exploit and willingness to inspire the world.Antarctica’s exploration

If they make it, it would be a proof that fossil energy era is over and that wastes are much more valuable that we think. No need to pollute air, lands, ocean anymore: progress is still possible thanks to sustainable solutions!

What if recycled and clean powered vehicle can become the vehicles of tomorrow whether it is for expeditions or more common use?

On top of that, Antarctica represents the perfect place to send such a message of hope to the world today. This continent bigger than Europe is also the land with no nation and no population.  With 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of world’s freshwater its conservation is primordial for the planet. That’s why it is now protected by international treaty. Impacts of climate change on the continent (due to global use of fossil energies among others) are a disaster for its wildlife and for the world; its melt would be enough to raise world-sea level by more than 60 meters!

Tracing the history of Antarctica’s exploration illustrates how impressive it is to see how the world evolved within only a century! Technology incredibly evolved and geopolitics’ stakes are totally different now. Climate change is threatening this continent that was barely known 100 years ago. Hopefully, explorers of the modern time are here to go beyond the limits of the last century.


Share your ideas

Without knowing we take advantage of others people ideas’ every day. Whether it is as simple as a fork or as elaborate as a major scientific breakthrough as the last discovery at CERN with the particle Z(4430). It ALL started with the conception of an idea. We can imagine that someone in ancient Egypt or the Qijia culture (2400-1900 BC in China), had the brilliant idea for a fork and courage to speak out. He thought that the idea would make life better if we would have a fork, and he spoke with his neighbor…and he or she found the concept of a fork a great idea and gave some suggestion of what materials to use or how to make it. And so the first fork was made. Maybe not the best….but it was the start of an evolution, to make something better.shutterstock_146133539-680x400

Many philosophers have given their input of ideas and how to understand the world around us, and this is still needed to interpret the actualities of the present daily life. Idea has the power to have impact for the future in the positive sense. Ideas although it is something untouchable can be very powerful.

This power is only created if the idea is shared, and transmitted and communicated in some way. If it is not shared the idea keeps imprisoned in its concept chamber. Ideas need to be shaped and nourished, as anything that grows in this world. Indeed, evolution is not about protecting ideas, it is about connecting them together. Like bees pollinating flowers, people spread ideas to grow something new.o-FRAME-WITH-HANDS-facebook

What is incredible today is that we are more and more aware that the whole world forms one global entity in which we are more and more connected to each other. Technology and innovation bring us endless possibilities of sharing ideas; and that’s for our best.

One of the possibilities is by participating or following TED.com. A place where you can read that Ideas are like a virus but with inspiration instead of sneezing. Through the diffusion of short talks, this platform offers people coming from different places in the world and having different backgrounds the possibility to share their ideas to the whole world. And the unique purpose of this is to spread ideas to inspire people. We can never have enough inspiration; inspiration is the cradle of new ideas and creativity.

In short, ideas cause ideas.


And March is the International Ideas Month, so let’s just celebrate and appreciate all those ideas burgeoning all around the world. I challenge you to use this month to listen to people’s ideas, get inspired and finally, share your own ideas. Coming spring is a good time to explore your creativity. So grab your notebook everywhere you go because as we all experienced it, ideas often strike us like a flash and then just go away.



The future of power

Today, we celebrate “Battery Day”. Why celebrating batteries? Actually, when you think about it, it makes sense. Take this day to imagine your life with no batteries for a second…You are feeling low, aren’t you? Indeed, it would mean no cars, phones, laptops, cameras, remote controls and the list goes on and on. Plugging in our devices to recharge is now part of most people daily routine. So, we might take it for granted but batteries are everywhere, they are now irreplaceable in our present and future. We can use this day to appreciate all that battery allows us to do and to think of recycling all those dead batteries that you leave in this old drawer.


As we know that fossil fuel’s era comes to its end, a whole new bright future is building up. A world where we hope that coal burning stoves and nuclear plants will soon be nothing more than a memory. A world where those smokestacks on our roofs, will not embody our emissions anymore; but just an architectural souvenir of these time. We can already perceive this change, through latest batteries’ evolutions. Tesla’s innovations such as power up cars and houses (Powerwall battery) reduce our direct emissions to zero by cutting exhaust pipes and equipped our roofs with solar panels. Clean fuels are on their way to build the future of our electric network! And this shift stands on the ability to store energy; in short, on batteries!


Besides, as adventurous movie producers, the battery question is omnipresent especially in some conditions where plugging in batteries as we do home is not an option. Imagine how crucial this question can be, while recording some footage in the middle of Himalaya. All our equipment (lights, cameras…) requires batteries. That’s why we have to think of the best way to manActiveonage it, as keeping our impact to the environment at a minimum. We own solar panel chargers for example so that there is no need to carry a bunch of batteries. In this energetic transition era, in which energy storage is at its core; more and more solutions appear to us; such as Activeon Solar X, this new solar-powered action camera taking 70% of its charge from the sun in just 30 minutes.

By the way, you should take a look at our whole new Kickstarter campaign on www.climbeverestvr.com  that will take you to the summit of Mount Everest through a virtual reality experience. This experience will immerge you into this expedition; experiencing beautiful landscapes, extreme weather conditions…You have the opportunity to share this experience with real adventurers and all you have to do is to recharge the battery of your smartphone or virtual reality gear and sit comfortably!P1010611



The early risers

The feeling when you get up early to go for a run, do some yoga or meditation let’s you feel like you rise above the world. You just dragged yourself out of your comfy bed to commit to something. And when you accomplish what you targeted yourself to do. Oh boy, this feeling leads to a fantastic motivation for the rest of the day. (Especially when it is combined with an epic sunrise)Sweden

Famous athletes and successful people also cherish their early morning routines. They create their own ritual that motivates and inspires them. Tony Robbins has an “hour of power”, which includes motivational sayings and visualization. Steve Jobs always asked himself if he would be happy with his planned day if it was his last day on earth. Motivational speaker Eric Thomas wakes up every morning at 3AM.

He says: “Sleep is the new broke. If u only have 24 hours in a day, your success is depend upon how you spend the 24.”

It’s nothing new that the early risers have big advantages, to the sleepy colleagues. It is easier to focus when the world outside is to tired to interrupt you; there is no chaos and noise. Your creativity is highest after waking; the preferential cortex is most active. All your ideas are cleaner as the mind hasn’t yet been troubled with daily issues. So it’s simple to connect to the flow of creativity.Sunrise africa

When you rise with the sun it gives you more balance in the body. When you think of it, its logical. You basically copy the body’s natural rhythm, which leads to peace and a balanced life.
There is something magical about the hours before dawn. Waking up early, gives you time for yourself or to catch up on things you are behind on, it makes you calmer for the rest of the day. You have a head start on the rest of the world.

I believe that “willing” is the key. It will be hard to wake up in the beginning. You always have that feeling you did not sleep enough. But once you train yourself in it, just by five minutes at the time, everybody can do this. Little steps, lead to bigger steps in the future. If you want to become an early riser you will be overflowing with joy. You may inspire others, so create your suitable ritual that inspire and motivate you.
What would you do with the extra hours each day?


Success and Happiness

Marketing professionals are adopting this philosophy. Take an example from Johnnie Walker, the whiskey brand. Their campaign “Keep Walking” ran for over 16 years, and was born out of the universal idea of personal ‘progress’. The new tag line, “Joy Will Take You Further. Keep walking.” moves the creative concept more in the direction of experiencing joy and happiness. They show this in an amazing short film. Guy Escolme, global brand director: “The new campaign, is meant to convey the idea that if you start from a place of happiness, optimism and joy, it is a big accelerator of people’s progress and success in their lives.” It’s all about bringing joy in to the world.

In Beyond Marketing, there was an inspiring story of RICOH and the relationship with the human instead of the wallet. Ricoh works with the philosophy: “the spirit of three loves”. They explain the meaning of that interesting philosophy: Love for your neighbor, respect the other like yourself, love your country, which means that they handle our Earth carefully and love the work, which let you express who you are and what difference you want to create. So instead of focusing on their high level of technology and innovation, their brand story is about people. People making the difference.

We find it inspiring to see how companies adopt positive branding methods and brand stories, to communicate their product. Marketing is affecting the way we live and see the world, we are happy to see that it is sometimes more than just about selling more products. Happy customers are happy people and vice versa. So if you want to connect to your audience, your customer: communicate by making an honest connection. And that starts with being happy. We started to think ourselves happy, and begun to spread this concept in our creative work.

We made an INSPIRE film about Happiness:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oVqqWQrSJs&w=560&h=315]

Take a look on our YouTube Channel for more INSPIRE films.

sources: http://www.beyondmarketing.today/hoe-liefde-ricoh-laat-bloeien/


Welcome to our world

Welcome to our world.


The transition that we have worked on for over nine months, is out in the open. Now we are entering the next stage. Today, Deepeei film productions is transformed into: DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY. It is big step and we will have to get used to it ourselves also.
You might wonder why, this decision to change the name and create a new visual identity?
Our experience tells us, that WE people have a deformation in our brain and we are unable in processing four ‘e’s in one word. For most of us it’s too difficult to handle. Our name was so tricky, so Deepeei has been misrepresented in the press, many times. Even our national press agency, the ANP had trouble in writing Deepeei right. After ten years messing around with ‘e’s, and pronouncing our name in the right way, we thought it was time to change.
It’s time for progress. If you see the name written, you might notice that in fact it is still the same name. (DPI) So the change is less radical then it seems at first sight. And our mission to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE is still, running through everything we give birth to.

Stories and the WHY
This wonderful world is full of stories. It is our challenge to inspire our viewers with compelling, and unique story lines. But why should a client choose for DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY. What is our WHY? In search for our WHY together with conceptual designer Mark Kuiper we discussed this in every little step. If you search the Internet you directly see that the first link is of Simon Sinek’s book, ‘It all start with a Why’ and so do we. Everything that we touch comes from our core, from what we believe in, from the inside of every fibre. We love what we do and that is why we are good in what we do.

DUTCH PICTURE INDUSTRY is curious about that one eccentric dash.

Designers food
The new corporate design, made by Mark, shows how the mission, philosophy and values shape Dutch Picture Industry. We are driven by a philosophy centred on innovation and encapsulating in our mission statement “to inspire and motivate”. In the development of the new corporate identity was a stencilled letter an important source of inspiration. Stencils are characteristic and exude adventure, features we identify. The diversity of colours strengthens the ties with the unique images and even more importantly nature.

We are VERY enthusiastic about our new name and brand identity. Well, what do you think?


Duurzame media producties

Duurzaamheid zit in de genen van ons bedrijf. Dit is terug te vinden in de thematiek van onze producties maar ook in de wijze van produceren. Wij hanteren een ‘green policy’. Door duidelijk keuzes te maken worden aanzienlijke milieu winsten gehaald en kosten bespaard. Hier profiteren ook onze klanten van. Met onze green film making werkwijze sluiten wij naadloos aan bij de groene doelstellingen van uw bedrijf.

Onze focus op duurzaamheid en maatschappelijke betrokkenheid hebben geresulteerd het winnen van de Duurzame Ondernemersprijs Amsterdam 2009. We wonnen tevens de tweede prijs in de Green Film Making Competition 2012, opgezet door het Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Landbouw en Innovatie om de filmsector een duurzame impuls geven. Door de jury werden we geprezen voor kwaliteit, innovatie en ambitie. Deze korte film ‘Balance’ werd officieel geselecteerd als de Nederlandse inzending voor de Oscars 2013, een bewijs dat kwaliteit en groen produceren hand in hand kunnen gaan.

Wij brengen onze groene ambities als volgt in praktijk:

Afval vermindering

Zoveel mogelijk digitale communicatie en archivering
Indien printen noodzakelijk: dubbelzijdig meerder pagina’s op 1 vel
eco-font voor minimaal inktverbruik en
gebruik van gerecycled FSC-gecertificeerd chloorvrij papier

hergebruik en gescheiden inzameling van glas, batterijen, papier, plastic etc.

Liever lenen of huren, dan kopen
Duurzaamheid als criterium voor keuze leveranciers
Minimaal kilometerverlies door gedegen planning en lokale leveranciers
Biologisch- seizoensgebonden en lokale catering

Gebruik van fiets of OV voor woon-werk verkeer
Onze hybride elektrische auto zorgt voor 0 uitstoot
zoveel mogelijk carpoolen naar productie locatie
Co2 uitstoot compensatie voor reizen per vliegtuig d.m.v. investering in beschermde bosgrond (inmiddels 5ha zelf aangekocht)
waar mogelijk gebruiken wij een fietskoerier

Gebruik van groene stroom en spaarlampen
Zo veel mogelijk gebruik van natuurlijk daglicht en reflectieschermen voor minimaal stroomverbruik
Innovatieve oplossingen zoals een mobiel zonnepaneel voor stroomopwekking op afgelegen gebieden
Gebruik van de ‘greenfilmmaking calculator’ voor meten duurzaamheid bij productie
Sociale impact

Wij zijn gevestigd in Nieuw-West, Amsterdam vanwaar wij dikwijls betrokken zijn bij evenementen in de buurt om buurtbewoners te inspireren met onze passie voor ons werk en de natuur. deepeei film productions is een erkend leerbedrijf GOC. Ons bedrijf biedt jongeren en mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt een kans zich binnen ons bedrijf te ontwikkelen.

Een groene partner hebben wij gevonden in Respect the Mountains en wij ondersteunen het werk van Natuurmonumenten en The Good Family d.m.v. visuele communicatie.



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