Client: DiSSCo
Website: dissco.eu
Date: April 2020
Services: Research - Filming - Editing

European Collaboration on Natural Science Collections, more then 120 archives and museums are united in an European project called – DiSSCo.

DiSSCo stands for Distributed System of Scientific Collections.  The project is about the digitalisation and making the natural history collections available. This enormous task is divided in different phases, as one project ended and a new phase started we had the honour to make a film that explains the need and potential impact of all information that lies hidden in these non digitalised archives.  As it doesn’t exsist yet, and it mainly is a concept, for a research infrastructure it was quite a job to find a way to tell the story in a interesting way.

The film was produced during the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, we had to find creative solutions to convey our message in different ways then first imagined. We were lucky to be able to film, in one location in Helsinki, Natural History Museum. Dutch Picture Industry organised the whole production. From online pre production meetings with the international team, script development, filming in Helsinki, to Post- Production. For the motion graphics we collaborated with Stefan Neyman.

Delivery April 2020.


“The video is a very good result. It conveys the key messages. I also believe is a great first attempt to convey, for the first time in this way, the USPs of DiSSCo. I am confident we will do even better in a second attempt, as we (DiSSCo) also learn how to distil our messages. “