Rooted in Tuscany

Design / Development / Branding

Client: International, Argentina, Dutch, Australia, USA

A taste of Italy

Four women from across the globe, with a Tuscan background, travel to Italy for the first time in search of their roots. A unique blend of history, travel, where laughter and tears are the key elements. In combination with good food and wine a recipe for an inspirational television series for the international market.

In Rooted in Tuscany we witness personal stories, share family tales and experience their joys, tears, happiness, astonishment, disbelief and even sadness. They complete the puzzle of their identity, which has been blanc.

The biggest mass migration movement in recent times. An estimated 29 million people emigrated  from Italy in the late 19th Century and this exodus continued well into the 1960s.

As a result, “Little Italies” formed in all corners of the world. Women, in particular, have been key to maintaining the unity of Italian family life, even while today also building careers for themselves and working outside the home.

Italian women today, around the world, represent a peculiar mix of tradition and modernity.

The protagonists

The protagonists are four women of different backgrounds and professions from the four most prominent destinations of Italian emigration (USA, the UK, Argentina and Australia) in their individual stories as they make their first journey “home” to discover how they remain and will always be “rooted in Tuscany”. Each of our protagonists has a special interest in making this journey. It is a fulfillment of a long-cherished wish to uncover an ancestral myth, and discover who she is today.

They are each others’ mirror and share intense emotional experiences in what is a foreign environment to them. On the other hand, they are also each others’ best companions as they share a similar heritage. The impact of their Tuscan roots automatically creates a strong bond between them.


The series holds a delicate balance between tracing genealogy (history) and travel in a country (reality series), driven by the wish for personal development (human interest).

From a very close and intimate perspective, we:

– explore their individual personalities. What am I missing in my life?
– expose their past and future relationship with Italy. Where do I come from?
– reconnect family ties interrupted for decades
– discover ancestral landmarks related to their individual stories.

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Collaboration with commercial partners will make this format to a success. Connecting their products into view of an international audience.

Creative content

Together with Cristina Bulmer we created this awesome creative concept.


We have been developing example episodes and scripts to bring across the concept.