Creating the right feeling

It is funny how people always think we only make big film projects far and away. Stories about big issues and people far away. But this is so untrue. We consider ourselves as rooted in the local community from the beginning. We have made short films for the Amsterdam municipality, engaging stories about local circus about children developing their skilss. We recently drove out to Friesland. To the coaching centre of Jan en Lisanne Stenekes. This coaching center reached out to us, with the question to make a promotional video about them that they could use for their marketing and branding purposes.

Our approach is to have a talk with our clients, to get to know them and to have a sense of what their aim is with the film. Is it to bring across facts and figures? Or is it to bring across an emotion a feeling? It helps if people have a certain style in mind. At the same time, they need to be able to let go of these examples. As what might work for someone else, might not work for you. Like Jan, in this case, would love to have some cool, drone shots. But we persuaded that to come into the effective emotion, images need to be close and warm, instead of from the distant. We got to know their wishes for their personal branding video by sharing ideas and have discussions about the goals. We got a clearer view on our task as storytellers and that way we managed the expectations of the client. In a creative process between our team and the client, a script is created. We search for the best available people for this project, limited in time, money. We also try to look for local crew if possible, to have the impact of our production as minimal as possible.

On a shooting day, where always things have to be improvised, that is the second phase of the creative process. To be able to make the changes to the script, to improve and enhance the outcome.

The third phase is in our edit room. Where all elements are combined and the final selection of images and sounds is made. It is magical to see in the end if the idea that you created first in your mind, then on paper, and finally in film, if it works the way you imagined it to work. Here is more about the project.

That is our working method for creating the right feeling. Only then we achieve our common goal. We love to keep doing this. Hopefully for you too in the future.